Final Cut Pro/Express Workshops and CGM DVE Tutorials

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CGM Video Transitions / Filters
  CGM Basic 3D (FF): Dropped Newspapers Movie x x 49 DVE 3
  CGM Clone Area: How to brush out unwanted objects   x x 23 DVE 3
  CGM Clone Grain: How to add real film grain to graphics or animations   x x 36 DVE 3
  CGM Color Glow: How to add a color glow effect   x x 17 DVE 2
  CGM Crop/Shadow/Border: How to add a realistic 3D shadow Movie x x 51 DVE Ultimate
  CGM Cube Spin: 3D cube spin as video transition   x x 9 DVE 1
  CGM Cube 3D: animated 3D cube with videos playing on all six sides Movie x x 39 DVE 3
  CGM Explode: How to add an explode effect Movie x x 16 DVE 2
  CGM Karaoke: How to produce Karaoke text   x x 40 DVE 3
  CGM Light/Glow: Light and glow effects on titles or logos Movie x x 13 DVE 2
  CGM Match Colors: How to match different cameras   x x 21 DVE 1
  CGM Morph: How to morph movies Movie x x 22 DVE 3
  CGM Movie FX on titles or logos Movie x x 14 DVE 2
  CGM Movie FX: - Volumetric Light Movie x x 15 DVE 2
  CGM Movie FX: - Burn Movie x x 34 DVE Ultimate
  CGM MultiSlide/Liquid: a really liquid transition Movie x x 31 DVE 2
  CGM Reverse Fields: How to to correct wrong field dominance   x x 27 DVE 3
  CGM Scrambler: How to create the 'Matrix' effect Movie x x 32 DVE 3
  CGM Selective Color Corrector 8P: 'Pleasantville' Look   x x 41 DVE 2
  CGM Slide: How to shift titles Movie x x 3 DVE 1
  CGM Softwipe: How to use own dissolve patterns   x x 8 DVE 1
  CGM Star: How to create an animated star Movie x x 30 DVE 3
  CGM Text: How to create individual titles   x x 29 DVE 3
  CGM Timecode/Reel: How to add a timecode burn to a timeline   x x 44 DVE 3
  CGM White Balance: How to get an automatic white balance   x x 7 DVE 1
  CGM Widescreen: How to apply a 16:9 matte to a movie   x x 45 DVE 1
  CGM Wind Blur: Motion blur effects on titles or logos Movie x x 12 DVE 2
  CGM Zoom/Rotate + Image Mask Movie x x 2 DVE 1 / DVE 2
  CGM Zoom/Rotate: Smooth scale and motion effects on a logo Movie x x 11 DVE 1 / DVE 2
  CGM Zoom/Rotate: How to get a smooth text zoom effect Movie x x 35 DVE 1 / DVE 2
  CGM Zoom/Rotate: Pan and Scan / Ken Burns effect Movie x x 48 DVE 1 / DVE 2
CGM Film Tools
  CGM De-interlace: How to change interlaced video into progressive video   x x 28 DVE 3
  CGM Highlights: Contrast enhancement in bright areas   x x 25 DVE 3
  CGM Lows: Contrast enhancement in dark areas   x x 24 DVE 3
  How to get a 35mm Film Look   x x 26 DVE 3
CGM Freeware
  CGM Speed Movie x x 19 Freeware
  CGM Timewarp   x x 18 Freeware
  CGM Roll/Scroll: How to roll and scroll titles or logos   x x 1 Freeware
  CGM Roll/Scroll: Roll title with shared background Movie x x 10 Freeware
Final Cut Pro / Final Cut Express / ANIM Jewels
  How to shift single letters Movie x x 5  
  How to convert Final Cut Pro videos into WMV format   x 46  
  How to convert HD videos into a standard resolution DVD at the best quality   x 50  
  Big video letters Movie x x 6  
  Keying in FCP/FCE (Travel Matte-Luma)   x x 4  
  How to use the ANIM Jewels Alpha Channels   x x 38  
  FCP/FCE Bug: How to use graphics and logos   x x 20  
  FCP/FCE Bug: Unexpectedly quit while opening projects   x x 33
  FCP/FCE Bug: RTExtreme render behaviour   x x 42
  FCP/FCE Bug: Still getting the demo sign on renders   x x 43
  FCP/FCE Bug: Dark edges on animated graphics   x x 47
 DVD Studio Pro
  CGM Basic 3D: Professional DVD menus and compositing   x x 37 DVE 2
Download the example graphics:
Here you can download the example graphics used in the workshops: Example Graphics (5 MB)

Please Note:
Final Cut Pro changes the luminance of imported graphics when you use the Super-White mode in the Sequence Settings. Please use the White mode to get smooth Softwipes and correct keys.

The difference between normal and "FF" versions of some filters is that the "FF" versions render in full frame. Sometimes you get better results using the full frame version when adding effects to non-moving objects. Please use the full frame versions if you cut progressive video.

© 2000-2010 by Klaus Eiperle, Eiperle CGM - Translation by John Burgan