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Explode - Movie

CGM Explode employs a 3D particle system. A full range of easy-to-use presets give the user full control over the effect.

Apply the CGM Explode video transition (located in Video Transitioins / CGM DVE 3D) and double-click to open its input controls in the viewer.  

Preset Various easy-to-use presets.
Manual Settings
Row Amount of rows
Comumn Amount of columns
Rotate 2D
Rotate All Tiles Rotates all tiles around their own axis.
Rotate Single Rotates single tiles using a regular pattern (maximum at the defined angle).
Offset Axis Moves the tile`s axis.
Rotate 3D
3D-Rotate Rotates the single tiles in 3D space around their own center around the whole axis.
x-Rotate Rotation in addition to the 2D-Rotate
y-Rotate Rotation in addition to the 2D-Rotate
z-Rotate Rotation in addition to the 2D-Rotate
Explode Strength Amount of the tile`s movement while the effect is running.
Random Explosion Direction of movement is random if enabled.
Behavior of Transition-Start
Duration Amount of time for all tiles to start moving.
Start Order Chooses the order in which they start.
Increment Modifies the start order. 1 causes the upper left tiles to move first.
General Settings
Fade Out How long the tiles take to fade out at the end of the transition.
Method On the reverse side of the tiles you can have the original scene, the original scene plus color tint, movie, map or the original scene, inverted.
Tint Amount Amount of tint
Tint Color Choice of which color.
Movie/Map Movie or map instead the original scene.
Size Defines the size of shadow. If zero, the shadow is turned off, thus needing no color.
Softness The shadow`s softness.
Opacity The shadow`s opacity.
Hide Wireframe Toggles the wireframe around the cropped area on/off for better control while cropping.
Center Center of crop
Left/Right Width of crop
Top/Botom Height of crop
FCP2-Mode Enable this, if you use Final Cut Pro 2