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Movie FX - Title Effects - Movie

The CGM Movie FX contains an improved version of the FXScript DVE Softwipe effect (contained in Final Cut Pro 3 or Final Cut Express). The transition now supports transparent areas and you can use video clips instead of still images using the image input gadget.

In our example the V1 contains the background scene for the logo and the logo itself is placed in V2. Apply the CGM Movie FX video transition (located in Video Transitions / CGM DVE Dissolve) to the end of the logo clip and open its controls.

Drag and drop your chosen dissolve pattern onto the Movie/Map gadget; here we've used the CGM Clouds pattern.

* You`ll find the Softwipe Patterns folder on the CGM DVE CD. If you don`t have the CD, the Softwipe Patterns can be found in the download area of our website (, contained in a single file "Softwipe Patterns as PCT`s". This file contains 67 different dissolve patterns.

For the dissolve to begin properly set the Start slider to 46 percent (this value depends on the dissolve pattern used). The clouds begin to dissolve in the transparent area and as this cannot be seen the first 46 percent of the transition should not be used. 

The other soft wipe controls are described in Workshop 8 and the Movie FX in Workshop 15.