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Smooth scale and motion effects - Movie

Taking the example of a company logo, this workshop shows how to scale and create a motion path for a clip so that it disappears at a specified point. This requires two operations: reducing the scale from 100 to 0% and the movement from the center to the endpoint.

It's possible to achieve the basic effect in Final Cut Pro by defining keyframes for center and scale in the motion tab of the viewer and then smoothing the effect using the bezier controls to ease it out. Unfortunately the result is rarely satisfactory because the two operations are not changing speed at the same rate.

Our solution to this problem is a real time-saver and gives a perfect result.

Apply the CGM Zoom/Rotate 3D video transition (located in Video Transitions / CGM DVE 3D) to end of the logo and double-click to open its input controls in the viewer. 

Set X axis Rotation and Y axis Rotation to zero as the rotation effect is not needed in this case. Then define the point where the logo should disappear by clicking the Endpoint gadget in the transitions controls and setting the new center point in the canvas. Define an amount of 10 for the Fade Out so that the logo fades out in the last third of the movement.

CGM DVE movements are all programmed to use ease in and ease out so that results are always smooth - automatically.