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How to add a 3D shadow in Final Cut Pro/Express - Movie

Here's how to add a realistic 3D shadow to a title in Final Cut Pro/Express using the CGM Crop/Shadow/Border videofilter.

Place the video generator CGM Text in your timeline one track above the background scene. The screenshot shows the final compositing.

Apply the 3D video transition CGM Page Peel (located in: Video Transitions / CGM DVE 3D) at the start and end of the text generator. Doubleclick the incoming video transition in the timeline to open its control panel in the viewer. Reverse the effect by clicking onto the reverse gadget (1) and adjust your effect settings. Here we have only changed the shadow size (2).

Then doubleclick the outgoing video transition in the timeline and define the same shadow settings (3) as used for the incoming effect.

Of course you can define other settings for the shadow, but then you have to animate the settings of the Crop/Shadow/Border filter using keyframes.

Apply the CGM Crop/Shadow/Border (located in: Video Filters / CGM DVE FX) to the text generator and open its controls. Doubleclick the text scene in your timeline and select the filter's tab in the viewer.

The filter also creates a shadow during the incoming and outgoing effect, but as we don't need this we'll have to limit the duration of the video filter. Place the playhead at the end of the incoming video transition and drag the start marker (4) of the filter to the playhead position. Then place the playhead in the timeline at the start of the outgoing video transition and drag the end marker (5) to the playhead position as shown in the screenshot.

Last of all you should use the same shadow settings (6) as used in the video transitions and switch off the cropping.

That's all, folks!