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OS X 10.4 or higherOS X 10.3 or older
Digital Video Effects for Final Cut Pro / Express:
07-19-2011EnglishCGM DVE Ultimate v6 Demo 1.0 MB -
12-03-2010EnglishCGM DVE Vol.1+ v6 Demo 0.2 MB -
12-03-2010EnglishCGM DVE Vol.2+ v6 Demo 0.4 MB -
12-03-2010EnglishCGM DVE Vol.3+ v6 Demo 0.2 MB -
07-19-2011EnglishCGM DVE Vol.4+ v6 Demo 0.2 MB -
07-19-2011EnglishCGM DVE Vol.5+ v6 Demo 0.2 MB -
01-30-2004EnglishSoftwipe Patterns as TIFF`s 9.3 MB -
03-16-2009EnglishFCP/FCE Workshops English 19 MB -
03-16-2007EnglishExample Graphics (used in the workshops) 4.4 MB -
Freeware for Final Cut Pro / Express:
04-17-2009EnglishCGM Aged Film LE v2.5.7 0.1 MB -
10-11-2009EnglishTimewarp / Speed / Roll-Scroll 0.1 MB

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cause corruption of the plug-ins, meaning they will fail to appear in the effects browser after installation.

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