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Scrambler - Movie

The CGM Scrambler types in various letters and scrambles them until the text is revealed. Sometimes this effect is referred to as the "Matrix effect".

In our example the V1 contains the background scene for the text. Place the CGM Scrambler video generator (located in Video Generators / CGM DVE Text) onto the second track of the timeline and open its controls. Double click it in the timeline and select the Controls tab in the Viewer window.

Flicker Filter This filter reduces the flickering which would be visible on a video monitor.
CGM Scrambler
Mode A-Z,a-z: only letter codes are shown while scrambling.
All: all kinds of characters are shown while scrambling.
Duration (%) Amount of time the computer takes to find the correct letter.
End Ordered (%) Sorts in order from left to right.
Duration (%) Amount of time for the letters to be typed onto the screen. If this is set to 50 %, the last letter will be typed at the middle of the duration set by the generator.
Text You'll get this text after scrambling.
Font The best font for this effect is Courier because all letters have the same width.
Size The size of the text.
Style The text style.
Color Color of the text.
Spacing Amount of space between the letters.
Auto Kerning If selected your text is automatically kerned.
Alignment Because a typewriter always works from left to right without shifting the text that has already been typed, the best setting is left.
Vertical Vertical text offset. Amount 50 is center.
Horizontal Horizonal text offset. Amount 50 is center.
Outline Width Thickness of the text outline.
Outline Softness Softness of the text outline.
Outline Color Color of the text outline.


Additionally you can add a Motion Blur effect to the Scrambler.

Go to the Motion tab and enable Motion Blur. Set a sample rate of 16 so that the last scramble character is shown for 16 frames. The 1000% Blur softens the rendered characters.