Screenshots CGM DVE Vol.2+

CGM DVE Vol.2+
Digital Video Effects for Apple Final Cut Pro and Final Cut Express

The "CGM DVE Vol.2+" is a set of 33 filters and transitions for use in Final Cut Pro and Final Cut Express. In addition to the professional plug-ins, the package also includes a series of Final Cut Pro workshops and 68 softwipe patterns.
CGM Aged Film
Example movie as MPEG4

Have you ever searched for a filmlook for Final Cut Pro? Stop searching and don`t waste money because here it is!

The CGM Film simulates 35 mm film and aged film (shake, jump, scratches, dirt, hair, gamma, brightness flicker, ...).
CGM Light/Glow - Example movie as MPEG4
With Light/Glow you can animate a highlight on your logos. With different modes you can generate special effects.

- Workshop 13
CGM Selective Color Correction 8P
original video
replace one color
in a specified area
specified colors
You need a green sky and you only have a blue one? Don`t worry. Selective Color Corrector can do it for you. You can even do more. Leave one color alone and change everything else.
CGM Explode - Example movie as MPEG4
The explode transition generates multiple presizable fragments which are fully controllable in their movement. There are various presets in the explode effect which can easily used.

- Workshop 16
CGM Zoom/Rotate 3D - Example movie as MPEG4
High quality scaling prevents any artefacts:
full image
FCP scaling
high quality
scaling by CGM
- Workshop 2
- Workshop 11
CGM Color Glow

Example movie as MPEG4

With Color Glow you can add
ceremonious touch to your movies.

- Workshop 17
CGM Wind Blur - Example movie as MPEG4
Here is something else you see everyday on tv. Its simply called Wind Blur with a terrific effect.

- Workshop 12
CGM Movie FX (Pattern) - Example movie as MPEG4
Movie FX is really spectacular. You can define any pattern you want for the transition.

- Workshop 14
CGM Movie FX (Light) - Example movie as MPEG4
If you add a predefined Movie FX clip for the transition it can look like this. This Volumetric Light animation is only delivered to the CD-version.

- Workshop 15
CGM Multislide - Example movie as MPEG4
The clip gets sliced into peaces which slide out.
- Workshop 31
CGM Double Flip - Example movie as MPEG4
CGM Dip to Color Dissolve - Example movie as MPEG4
You can blend one scene into another with a color tint or a movie.
CGM Laser - Example movie as MPEG4
Laser can be used to move logos and texts in and out of the clip.
CGM Liquid - Example movie as MPEG4
When you use Liquid you can create a melt-down effect.
- Workshop 31
CGM Multispin - Example movie as MPEG4
The Multispin is the very enhanced version of the original multispin with several new features.
CGM Pixelstorm - Example movie as MPEG4
Pixelstorm is truly amazing. A never-seen-before effect which will blow your mind.
CGM Pond Ripple Dissolve - Example movie as MPEG4
CGM Ripple Dissolve - Example movie as MPEG4
Take a look at the edges of our Ripple Dissolve. We won`t see have any black holes.
CGM Stretch Blur - Example movie as MPEG4
You might have seen this one on tv. We call it Stretch Blur. Now you can do it with Final Cut Pro.
CGM Area Blur
original video
blur on the ground
blur at the whole
picture, composite
mode: add
CGM Basic 3D

Example movies: 3D space as MPEG4
rostum camera movement as MPEG4

With Basic 3D you can reproduce a rostrum camera movement, a camera that can move over and zoom into large images like maps.
All CGM plugins allow black edges to be cropped off. High quality antialiasing prevents artefacts at the edge of scaled video clips:
FCP edge quality
CGM edge quality
CGM Binoculars

The video filter Binoculars simulates binoculars.
CGM Crop/Shadow/Border - Example movie as MPEG4
CGM's 3D-shadow - unlike the FCP version of the effect, does not rotate with the image but stays in place.
CGM Mask
mask something
set a focus to something
Mask can be used for something you have seen on Cops. Somebodys face is not supposed to be seen. This is what you can do easily.
CGM Spotlight

Example movie as MPEG4

Spotlight will be used for highlighting
a specific area of the film.
CGM Zoom Blur

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