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CGM DVE Vol.3+ contains a text generator which is very useful for creating Karaoke titles.

In this workshop you'll learn how to produce a Karaoke text with three lines against a transparent background plate.

Place the music video onto track 1 of the timeline and the CGM Karaoke video generator (located in Video Generators / CGM DVE Text) onto track 3.

You can display up to three lines at once with each generator.

Open the controls of the Karaoke video generator, type three lines of lyrics into the Text field and define the text attributes.

Text Color is - you guessed it - the color of the text. The words which should be sung are highlighted using the Marker Color.

Set all three Marker Line sliders to zero in the Text Marker section. Then animate the Marker Line slider from 0 to 100 by setting keyframes for each line. A G5 shows the result in realtime when "Unlimited RT" mode is enabled (available in FCP4 / FCE2), allowing you to follow the timing of the markers without having to render.



Last of all you'll add a background plate behind the lyrics. Place a Color video generator onto track 2 (located in Video Generators / Matte) and open its controls. Adjust the Color and select the Motion tab to modify the Transparency of the background plate. Then limit the area where it is visible by using FCP's Crop tool.

You're done - get ready to sing!