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Movie FX - Burn - Movie

Apply the CGM Movie FX video transition (located in Video Transitions / CGM DVE Dissolve) and double-click to open its input controls in the viewer. 

The Movie FX animations are optimized for a transition length of exactly 1 or 2 seconds. If another duration is set the plug-in interpolates the frame rate (without frameblending), sometimes giving less than perfect results.

Set the transition's duration to exactly 2 seconds and then open the folder Movie FX Burn NTSC on the CGM DVE CD and copy the files onto your hard disk.

1. Drag the 3D animation file Burn onto the Movie FX gadget.

2. Then drag the alpha channel file Burn NTSC onto the Alpha FX gadget.

3. Last of all drag the dissolve animation file Burn NTSC onto the Mask FX gadget.

4. Set the Softwipe Method to Movie/Map. The Mask FX animation will be used as dissolve pattern.

The direction of the animation can be changed using the Flop pop-up menu.

The other soft wipe controls are described in Workshops 8 and 14.

Blackmagic/FCP Bug: If you are using the Blackmagic video card for cutting uncompressed video, you should first convert the Movie FX footage using the uncompressed Blackmagic video codec. It seems that the Blackmagic render engine cannot mix different video codecs in effect entry fields.

You should import the Burn into FCP and drop this animation into a new empty timeline. Then select the icon of the new sequence in the Browser window and choose File / Export / QuickTime Movie from FCP's pulldown menu.

In the next dialogue window you are asked for a new filename, for instance you could try "Burn NTSC". The other settings should be as follows:

Settings: Current Settings
Include: Video Only
Markers: None
Recompress All Frames: Selected
Make Movie Self-Contained: Selected

Do this also with the Burn NTSC and Burn NTSC animation files and use the uncompressed Movie FX animations instead of the DV files.