CGM Plug-ins for Apple Shake

CGM Plug-ins for Shake (Available from December 19th 2005)

16 high quality must-have plug-ins for your daily work with Apple Shake. The CGM plugins are compatible with Shake 3 or higher on all Mac OSX systems. All plugins are written in Shake's native programming language. All image resolutions, all available video codecs, full network rendering is guaranteed. And of course rendering is optimized for maximum speed on all available Apple computers (Motorola, IBM and Intel).
CGM plug-ins for Shake (11 MB download version) 49,- USD
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Ramp 360° (Image): This image generator does the same as the original Ramp, but it gives you the added power of changing the angle of the ramp. The plug-in always calculates the ramp according to angle and image size. This feature is very useful while creating a matte which is not only horizonal or vertical.
( Ramp 360° instruction )
Blur Alpha (Filter): Preset to blur just the Alpha channel. One of our beta testers complained about having to change channels over 30 times a day while using the Blur filter. This filter saves the headache!
( Blur Alpha instruction )
Flicker Filter (Filter): Just removes flickering, not sharpness. An absolute MUST HAVE feature to get perfect video quality when scaling down HD footage to standard video or using any rendered footage. Doing compositing work? Add this Flicker Filter to all graphic and text layers for best results.
( Flicker Filter instruction )
Percent Blur Alpha (Filter): The preset of this filter just blurs the alpha channel of the image - a simple but useful difference to Shake's Percent Blur.
( Percent Blur Alpha instruction )
Wind Blur (Filter): Keep this handy filter available, you'll find new ways to use it. Great effect!
( Wind Blur instruction )
Random Move (Transform): A much better random algorithm than the one used in the Shake tutorial. The controls give a stunning end result - you'll never want to use the Shake version again!
( Random Move instruction )
The CGM Transitions are included as real Shake video transitions. Simply enter the Shake Transition editing mode and choose the desired effect in the mixer gadget.
CGM Slide Out - Example movie as H.264: This is the Shake version of the CGM Slide video transition. The outgoing video slides out of the screen to reveal the incoming video. Movement is very smooth as it accelerates.
CGM Slide In - Example movie as H.264: The incoming video slides in to hide the outgoing video. The preset delivers a smooth deceleration movement; for more complicated examples, the motion curves are splines and therefore freely adjustable, as in all CGM video transitions!
CGM Slide Both - Example movie as H.264: Both videos slide in and out at the same time. This video transition also uses the "eased" motion curve.
CGM Gradient Wipe - Example movie as H.264: You can use any pattern or movie as a wipe pattern for these video transitions. The CGM plugin package contains 67 ready-to-use softwipe patterns.
CGM Softwipe - Example movie as H.264: This is the Shake version of the CGM Softwipe video transition. Use any pattern or movie as the dissolve pattern and show a color in the dissolve area. Originally invented by Klaus Eiperle back in 1996, this effect is now an absolute standard.
CGM Edge Wipe - Example movie as H.264: This video transition "wipes out" the outgoing video with a customizable angle as the incoming video becomes visible. More and more a must-have standard effect.
CGM Radial Wipe - Example movie as H.264: The video transition "wipes out" the outgoing video in a fully customizable radial area. You are able to define the center and softness of the effect. The wipe is always clean.
CGM Luma Color Dissolve - Example movie as H.264: The video brightness is used as dissolve pattern for a kind of dip to color dissolve. Sounds familiar? Yes, it's the Shake version of the CGM Luma Color Dissolve.
CGM Zoom/Rotate - Example movie as H.264: The outgoing video zooms, rotates and moves out of the screen as the incoming video is revealed.
CGM Zoom/Rotate 3D - Example movie as H.264: All available 3D operations can be customized to zoom, move, and rotate the outgoing video.

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