Full HD Earth Animations

Full HD Earth Animations
High definition Earth-Animations delivered on DVD as JPG image sequences (1980x1080 pixel / 30/25p). Can be used on all HD editing systems with a image sequence import function. We used 8k earth maps to render these high quality 3D animations. Professional movie studios can use these animations without paying any additional fee.

Table of contents:
 Earth Loop Big 2 GB 2240 frames (75/90 sec.)
 Earth Loop 540 MB 960 frames (32/38 sec.)
 Earth Loop (without atmosphere) 312 MB 960 frames (32/38 sec.)
 Earth Loop Bright 406 MB 800 frames (27/32 sec.)
In one set (3.5 GB): DVD-R 119,- USD

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Earth Big Loop
- Example image

The globe animation is a loop of 75/90 seconds duration which can be easily placed over any background using the alpha channel map.

Earth Loop
- Example image
The rotating earth animation is also a 32/38 second loop and includes alpha channels.

Earth Loop Without Atmosphere
- Example image
The photo realistic earth without atmosphere.

Earth Loop Bright
- Example Image
This time the earth in a brighter blue; alpha channels available.

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