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Many of the special effects used in the Pro Football Hall of Fame Festival videos were done with Final Cut Pro Plug-ins by Klaus Eiperle CGM. From spotlighting and/or magnifying the enshrinees in their game films to adding highlights or correcting color, his effects have been extremely helpful in the past three years to win 13 video awards for my company.

Larry Schock, PYEcom Home Video
Klaus, just wanted to let you know, you've created are some really nice transitions and filters in this update.... (CGM DVE Complete XXL). Thank you. Keep up the great work! Tony

Tony Liuzzi, Digital Video Dynamix Inc.
We produce over 100 sports promos & features a year for HBO, Showtime and all the major networks. Having CGM plug-ins in my back pocket help me deliver consistently high quality imagery every time. Thanks Klaus!

Casey K. Sipes, Director / Editor, The Casey Company
I just got Vol.2 and i must say that the film effect is the most realistic one i've ever used. Thanks for your great work.

Giorgio Sancristoforo, Director Tobor Experiment, Italy

It worked!! I have successfully downloaded the files. I appreciate your quick response. You are very helpful. I will tell others in the U.S. about your products and how quickly you resolved my problems.
Just received and installed your plug-ins. They are terrific! Keep up the good work and keep me updated!
Your plugins are great. I'm looking foward to the next versions.
Congratulations to you for Apple including Vol. 1 in their next release. They know a good product when they see it.
By the way, I have been using many different plug ins and without question, you have done the best job in developing plugs that really work with FCP. I know they are going to save me a great deal of time in my projects.
I tried them out and they are great. I run an editing lab at xxx with 16-20 stations running Final Cut Pro
I continue to push your product everywhere, as I am convinced nothing else even comes close to CGM.
Your stuff is high quality and works well. I think there's a great need for this kind of product. Most of us producers don't want to be 'techs' to create. We like starting from a template which is what these transitions are.
Again I must say that you have written without question the best plug-ins for FCP that I have found. I certainly appreciate the pure elegance and genius of these plug-ins. Please keep me informed of any updates or new plugs that you develop.
Very impressive, Klaus! I have only been working with them for less than an hour, but very clearly you have added some useful and fun transitions and filters. Rendering is fast and since it is native FCP Fx Builder, there is no worry about rendering in RGB color space. This has been a major problem with AE plugs since AE does not render in YUV space.
I loved Volume 1 and Volume 2 looks great! You are a genius with FX Builder.
This is what I've been looking for. Please continue to write these great transitions!
The CGM effects are 1st class. Congratulations!!!
I've been letting people know just how much I like the Vol 2 plug-ins as well.
The new plugins look very good. The tutorials are very useful indeed.
Jesus... That is a nice package. The FilmLook is fantastic. $179 for all filters, INCLUDING the FilmLook? Man, you’re nuts... Anyhow, looking through them I’m very impressed. Explode, wow. The new 3D spins!! Amazing. I’m very impressed.
I am happy with the transitions - great pieces of software in 9.2.2 (FCP2.02 and FCP3) and in OSX (FCP3).
I guess I jumped the gun, I received the disc this afternoon. Thanks for your quick response though. Good service makes for a great recommendation.
I first want to thank you for the great software you have created that came with FCP-Version3.
I recently purchased you effects and filters package and am writitng to tell you how happy I am with your product. I was mainly interested in the Film Look filter which by itself was worth the cost of the whole package. I just wanted to let you know how impressesd and pleased I am with your effects.
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