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CGM Aged Film LE

Version 2.5.7, 4-17-2009
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Have you ever searched for a filmlook for Final Cut Pro or Final Cut Express? Stop searching and don`t waste money because here it is! The CGM Aged Film LE simulates 35 mm film and aged film (shake, jump, scratches, dirt, hair, gamma, brightness flicker, ...).

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CGM Aged Film LE is a special version of Aged Film; one of over 40 effects and transitions included in the CGM DVE Vol.2+ package from CGM, CGM Aged Film LE is a tool designed to make your DV footage look less like video and more like film. Use the presets as starting points, adjusting the controls to get just the look you're after.


The following adjustments are available to the CGM Aged Film LE filter:
  • The "Variation" slider selects various default settings of the filter. The CGM Aged Film LE filter assigned to the same clip with the same Variation setting will produce an identical result. To vary the results from clip to clip, choose different variation settings.
  • The "Stripes" section allows you to define the frequency and amount of the stripes inherent to damaged film.
  • The "Grain" section allows you to change the size and the visibility of the film grain. Additionally you can select between two grain modes. "Grain over whole image" simulates film which was duplicated and converted to video. "Less grain in bright areas" simulates video which was scanned directly from film.
  • The "Trapped Hair" slider allows you to define the duration of the trapped hair; commonplace with old, dirty film.
  • The "Tint" section allows you to simulate the age or mood of the film. If you increase the amount of tint and leave the preset color as brown, the film appears to get older and older. Eventually it will loose its original color and the result will be very old, sepia tinted footage. To desaturate video, assign a grey color as the tint color. The amount of desaturation will be defined by adjusting the amount of tint. To alter the mood of the film, try assigning a blue tint to give a cool, dark feeling, or an orange/yellow tint to give a warm, welcoming feeling.

To give your video an appearance of aged film, start with the preset "Aged Film". Change the slider "Variation" to get different results. All above sections and sliders are active.

To give your video an appearance of modern, clean film, select the preset "Film (Automatic Settings)". In this mode, the Stripes and Trapped Hair are deactivated and the Tint is set automatically. The section "Grain" is adjustable.

To use your own settings for a modern, clean film effect and to assign your own color tinting and mood, select the preset "Film (Manual Settings)". In this mode, the Stripes and Trapped Hair sections are deactivated. The sections "Grain" and "Tint" are adjustable.


In addition to more control over the features included in CGM Aged Film LE, the full version of Aged Film also includes controls for shake, jump, white scratches, dirt, loose hair, square, circle and mappable frame appearance, gamma, brightness flicker!

More importantly, CGM Aged Film is just one of 35 filters included in the CGM DVE Vol.2+ package. Other filters to look out for in the full version are Light/Glow, Timewarp, Explode, Zoom/Rotate 3D, Area Blur, Color Glow and Wind Blur.


CGM DVE Vol.2+ is available for only $184, and can be purchased online and downloaded immediately.

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