Screenshots CGM DVE Vol.1+

CGM DVE Vol.1+
Digital Video Effects for Apple Final Cut Pro and Final Cut Express

The "CGM DVE Vol.1+" is a set of 38 filters and transitions for use in Final Cut Pro and Final Cut Express. In addition to the professional plug-ins, the package also includes a series of Final Cut Pro workshops and 68 softwipe patterns.
CGM Band Slide - Example movie as MPEG4
The original Band Slide was a simple standard effect so we decided to add an adjustable delay for the bars, 3D shadow and the extended cropping functions.
CGM Cross Dissolve, Film Dissolve
Cross Dissolve is always smooth because the transition isn't just linear like Final Cut. What's more, the Film Dissolve uses full-frame steps - just like a real film dissolve.
CGM Cube Spin - Example movie as MPEG4
Cube Spin is a truly amazing 3D transition! Look at the 3D shadow and the high quality scaling and you'll see why this effect has been used in several recent movies for the big screen.

DreamWorks feature film "Envy": 7 uses of the Cube Spin in the last 3 minutes of the picture.

- Workshop 9
CGM Double Page Peel - Example movie as MPEG4
Thanks to the new shadows all our 3D page peel effects now look much more realistic.
CGM Flip - Example movie as MPEG4
All CGM plugins allow black edges to be cropped off. High quality antialiasing prevents artefacts at the edge of scaled video clips:
FCP edge quality
CGM edge quality
CGM Page Peel - Example movie as MPEG4
Thanks to the Alpha channel support you can use all page peels with keyed logos and texts.
CGM Page Peel 1/2 - Example movie as MPEG4
All new page peels have extended cropping functions and additional shadows included.
CGM Page Peel 1/4 - Example movie as MPEG4
This example shows the result of the extended cropping function.
CGM Slide - Example movie as MPEG4
Slide - one of our most popular effects just got better! New functions give you way more capabilities.

- Workshop 3
CGM Softwipe - Example movie as MPEG4
You can define any pattern or movie you want for the transition. This plugin package contains 67 ready to use softwipe patterns.

- Workshop 8
CGM Split Slide - Example movie as MPEG4
The clip separates into two or four pieces which then slide out of the frame. The 3D shadow gives this effect a really cool look.
CGM Stretch - Example movie as MPEG4
The new version of this effect uses our very high quality stretch algorithm.
CGM Swap Slide - Example movie as MPEG4
This is another example of the new possibilities you'll get with our extended cropping functions.
CGM Swing - Example movie as MPEG4
Take a look at the fantastic scaling quality. Now you can use this effect in professional productions.
CGM Zoom/Rotate - Example movie as MPEG4
Zoom/Rotate not only works much faster than the FCP version but the motion is always perfectly smooth! All you have to do is set the end point of the zoom plus the amount of rotation and our plugin automatically calculates the "ease-in" rate. That's not all: CGM's 3D-shadow - unlike the FCP version of the effect - does not rotate with the image but stays in place.

High quality scaling prevents any artefacts:
full image
FCP scaling
high quality
scaling by CGM

- Workshop 2
- Workshop 11
CGM 4-Point Garbage Matte
Using our 4-Point Garbage Matte video filter you can control the position and softness of each edge separately. The final mask is always smooth and perfect.
CGM Brightness-Contrast
split screen over whole image bezier curves
The updated video filter Brightness-Contrast gives you additional control of your settings.
CGM Color Balance
split screen over whole image bezier curves
Color Balance now uses bezier curves instead of straight lines for the color correction. Visual control of the bezier curves displays the settings for each color separately.
CGM Displace - Example movie as MPEG4
CGM's Displace filter not only has a much higher quality than the original FCP version, but you can now use movies instead of just stills to replace a logo or video scene. This example shows our logo using water as a displace pattern in the filter. The CD version of the CGM DVE Vol.1+ contains two loopable displace movies.
CGM Match Color
The video filter Match Color is very helpful for matching footage from different cameras. Verdict of our beta-tester: "...worth its weight in gold!"
- Workshop 21
CGM Widescreen
This tool is available as video filter and video generator. It allows you to take a standard 4:3 video and mask it to a number of standardized cinema shapes.
CGM White Balance
wrong white point corrected!
The CGM White Balance gives you the power to adjust the white balance of video footage. You'll get much better results than by using the Final Cut Pro/Express color correction.
- Workshop 7

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