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Automatic White Balance

Apply the filter White Balance (located in Video Filters / CGM DVE Image Control) to your scene. Open its settings, click on the eyedropper and select a color in your canvas (ideally white or light gray).

In the example I selected the white of my T-shirt. Final Cut Pro calculates the difference from real white and adapts all the colors accordingly.

As this causes wrong colors in the shadows and midtones, adjust the amount of color correction for the Midtones to 75% and Shadows to 10%. In the example I compared the result with the image from a correctly set-up camera and improved it by manually increasing the colors Red to 8 and Blue to 10.

You're done!

How the filter works:

In the example the color selected was R:228, G:149 and B:91. The filter calculates the average and adds or subtracts the colors to get gray. In our example: R:-72, G:7 and B:65.

When using the Add mode the colors would have been added only, in some cases leading to a higher color saturation. 

To add a color manually, adjust the sliders for Red, Green and Blue.

If you pick a wrong color, delete the selected color by clicking the settings-reset-button. You'll get the best results by choosing light gray instead of white.