CGM DVE Ultimate - Video Filters 3D

CGM Band Zoom - Example movie as MPEG4
The band zoom filter generates multiple presizable bands. Take full control of their movements or get started straightaway with one of the handy presets.
CGM Basic 3D

Example movies: 3D space as MPEG4
rostum camera movement as MPEG4

With Basic 3D you can reproduce a rostrum camera movement, a camera that can move over and zoom into large images like maps.
All CGM plugins allow black edges to be cropped off. High quality antialiasing prevents artefacts at the edge of scaled video clips:
FCP edge quality
CGM edge quality
CGM Cube 3D - Example movie as MPEG4
You can place videos on all six faces of the stunning 3D Cube and animate it in the 3D space.
CGM Explode - Example movie as MPEG4
The explode filter generates multiple presizable fragments which are fully controllable in their movement. There are various presets in the explode effect which can easily used.

- Workshop 16
CGM Flop In - Example movie as MPEG4
The video flies in and stops behind the virtual camera before pulling back to full screen.
CGM Multi Zoom - Example movie as MPEG4
The video is divided into fragments which will then zoom in. The speed of each fragment can be changed and many presets are available.
CGM Page Peel - Example movie as MPEG4
Thanks to the Alpha channel support you can use all page peels with keyed logos and texts.
CGM Page Peel 1/2 - Example movie as MPEG4
All new page peels have extended cropping functions and additional shadows included.
CGM Page Peel 1/4 - Example movie as MPEG4
This example shows the result of the extended cropping function.
CGM Sliding Page Peel - Example movie as MPEG4
The video is dragged to the front and peeled over so that the reverse is visible much longer, giving a dynamic effect.
CGM Swing - Example movie as MPEG4
Take a look at the fantastic scaling quality. Now you can use this effect in professional productions.
CGM Zoom/Rotate - Example movie as MPEG4
Zoom/Rotate not only works much faster than the FCP version but the motion is always perfectly smooth! All you have to do is set the end point of the zoom plus the amount of rotation and our plugin automatically calculates the "ease-in" rate. That's not all: CGM's 3D-shadow - unlike the FCP version of the effect - does not rotate with the image but stays in place.

High quality scaling prevents any artefacts:
full image
FCP scaling
high quality
scaling by CGM

- Workshop 2
- Workshop 11

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