CGM DVE Ultimate - Video Generators FX

CGM Lens Flare
The Lens Flare is fully customisable and renders with subpixel precision. For ease of use there are built in presets for 35mm, 50-300mm zoom and 105mm lenses. Advanced users can control absolutely everything - build your own style!.
CGM Path - Example movie as MPEG4
Here's a very familiar effect. You can use any graphic with an alpha channel as the object making the "journey" - a car and a plane are supplied with the package. Create a path by employing up to 16 bezier points and 16 control points. The sheer quality of this tool is achieved by rendering at subpixel level.
CGM Star - Example movie as MPEG4
This video filter generates an animated star. If you wish, you can control all its attributes.
- Workshop 30
CGM Widescreen
This tool is available as video filter and video generator. It allows you to take a standard 4:3 video and mask it to a number of standardized cinema shapes.

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