CGM DVE Ultimate - Video Filters FX

CGM Binoculars

The video filter Binoculars simulates binoculars.
CGM Binoculars Pro - Example movie as MPEG4
The video filter Binoculars Pro simulates military binoculars with crosshairs, ...
CGM Blur Bar - Example movie as MPEG4
You can define the area which will be blured and its position can be animated.
CGM Channel Offset - Example movie as MPEG4
This style filter is very useful because it's animated automatically.
CGM Charts - Example movie as MPEG4
All the functions of the Charts filter are very easy to animate by setting keyframes.
CGM Crop/Shadow/Border - Example movie as MPEG4
CGM's 3D-shadow - unlike the FCP version of the effect, does not rotate with the image but stays in place.
CGM Disturbances DigiTV - Example movie as MPEG4
A simulation of digital TV interference.
CGM Disturbances MiniDV - Example movie as MPEG4
This effect simulates tape damage or dropout recorded to DV tape.
CGM Earthquake - Example movie as MPEG4
Similar to the original Earthquake, but this filter always renders in full frame (results in a much better quality for DVD or web videos).
CGM Glow Text - Example movie as MPEG4
This filter adds a light and glow to a video or graphic with an Alpha Channel.
CGM Handy Cam - Example movie as MPEG4
This video filter simulates the view finder of a handy cam including autofocus and shake. All figures can be animated by setting keyframes.
CGM Lens Flare
The Lens Flare is fully customisable and renders with subpixel precision. For ease of use there are built in presets for 35mm, 50-300mm zoom and 105mm lenses. Advanced users can control absolutely everything - build your own style!.
CGM Light/Glow - Example movie as MPEG4
With Light/Glow you can animate a highlight on your logos. With different modes you can generate special effects.

- Workshop 13
CGM Magnifying Glass - Example movie as MPEG4
You can move the Magnifying Glass over your video by setting bezier curves. The 3D shadow improves the look of this effect dramatically.
CGM Mask
mask something
set a focus to something
Mask can be used for something you have seen on Cops. Somebodys face is not supposed to be seen. This is what you can do easily.
CGM Mosaic - Example movie as MPEG4
The color average of all the pixels under each mosaic field is used for its color, giving really amazing render quality. Experiment with compositing modes like normal, add, darken, lighten...
CGM Photo Camera - Example movie as MPEG4
It's really fun to play with the focus of a professional photo camera. You can simulate the visual focus control by using the video filter Photo Camera.
CGM Spotlight

Example movie as MPEG4

Spotlight will be used for highlighting
a specific area of the film.
CGM Star - Example movie as MPEG4
This video filter generates an animated star. If you wish, you can control all its attributes.
- Workshop 30
CGM Telescopic Sight
This classic effect simulates the view through a telescopic sight.
CGM Timecode/Reel

This tool creates a timecode and (original) reelname display of your sequence and burns it into your video output.
CGM TV Screen
This video filter simulates the lines on a CRT TV screen. Settings are fully customisable and there are presets for blue-white, black-white and tweaked color looks.
CGM Video Look
Now you can add a video look to your footage to simulate a consumer video camera. Features include: inadequate colors with an horizontal offset, noise, shake, reduced CCD resolution including rendered sharpening, ...

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